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Canvas Town Hall

Recorded Monday, April 10, 2023. You may download the transcript here (PDF).

Town Hall Highlights

Introduction (0:00 – 1:31)

Why are we leaving Sakai? (1:31 – 2:56)

Why are we moving to Canvas? (2:56 – 7:56)

What is the current status of the transition to Canvas? (7:56 – 9:27)

How will I learn how to use Canvas? (9:27 – 10:34)

  • Guidance for all faculty on how to use Canvas will be available late this summer and through the fall so any and all may use Canvas for Spring 2024.

What is the process for creating a course going to look like in Canvas? (10:34 – 14:02)

  • Course shells will be created automatically for every course listed in DukeHub.
  • You may create a new course from scratch or have content migrated from Sakai.
  • We recommend you create your course using Modules for a more consistent student experience.

How will I get help using Canvas? (14:02 – 15:43)

Will there be Project Sites in Canvas? (15:43 – 17:10)

  • Yes – they will be called Collaboration Sites.
  • There will be a process to request a Collaboration Site.

Can content transfer from Sakai to Canvas? How will this work? (17:10 – 20:34)

  • Yes – using the migration tool.
  • Tools with data that can be migrated include: Assignments, Discussions, Gradebook, Lessons, Resources, Rubrics, Site Info, Syllabus, Tests & Quizzes, and web content (URLs)
  • For more info, visit bit.ly/CanvasCompass
  • Instructors may request up to 5 sites to be migrated.
  • Change Logs will help identify what changes occurred during migration.

External tools and integrations (20:34 – 27:35)

  • The following tools will be available: Panopto, Zoom, Gradescope, Ed Discussion, Warpwire, Hypothes.is, Playposit, Voicethread, and Library Course Reserves
  • New tools that will be available: MatLab, Box, and Office 365
  • Tools that are being investigated: Wooclap, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Cidilabs, GitHub Classroom, and Simple Syllabus

Open Q&A (27:35 – end)