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Project Team

Contact the project team at lmstransition@duke.edu with any questions, concerns or feedback.


  • Tracy Futhey, Vice President & Chief Information Officer
  • Yakut Gazi, Vice Provost for Learning Innovation and Digital Education
  • Evan Levine, Senior Director of IT Services & Support
  • Shawn Miller, Director of Learning Innovation

Project Team

  • Project Lead – Michael Greene, DLI 
  • Project Manager – Logan Roger, OIT
  • LMS Service Lead – Marty Soupcoff, DLI
  • Communications – Blythe Tyrone, DLI; Camille Jackson, OIT
  • Evaluation – Grey Reavis, DLI
  • Technical implementation – Liz Wendlend, OIT
  • Third-Party Integrations –  Chris Lorch and Ashley Walker, DLI
  • Faculty support –  Seth Anderson, Heather Hans, and Amy Kenyon, DLI
  • DKU – Haiyan Zhou, CTL

Functional Stakeholders

The Functional Stakeholder group is composed of volunteers from the Duke community to represent the members of their respective schools or units and provide input to the project team and sponsors.

  • Alex Glass, Senior Lecturer, Nicholas
  • Brenda Knox, Instructional Designer, Pratt
  • Dave Johnston, Associate Dean of Learning Innovation, Nicholas
  • Ed Gomes, Dean of IT, Trinity
  • Hugh Crumley, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Graduate School
  • Jennie De Gagne, Professor, Health Systems & Analytics Division, Nursing
  • Jacqui McMillian-Bohler, Assistant Clinical Professor, Nursing
  • Jax Nalley, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Duke Student Government
  • Jiaxin Wu, Assistant Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, DKU
  • John Campbell, Senior Director, Student Information Systems, DKU
  • Julia Conrad Fisher, Educational Technology Specialist, School of Medicine
  • Karen Newberry, Head, Library Systems and Integration Support Department, Libraries
  • Karin Breiwitz, Instructional Technology Analyst, Divinity
  • Ken Rogerson, Professor of the Practice, Sanford
  • Linda Daniel, Reference and Digital Services Librarian, Libraries
  • Luisa Li, Educational Technology Specialist, DKU
  • Mark Hart, Associate Dean, Sanford
  • Meagan Dunphy-Daly, Lecturer, Nicholas
  • Preston Nibley, Undergraduate Student
  • Rachel Porter, Senior Education Strategist, Physician Assistant Program
  • Sharon Kaiser, Manager, Information Systems, School of Medicine
  • Tina Johnson, Manager, Educational Technology, Nursing
  • Zoe Tishaev, Undergraduate Student